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Friday, 9 May 2008

The Royal Grass product range - Top quality for your garden begins with the basics

Royal Grass Basic has 1,165 grams of grass fibre per m2

Royal Grass® Basic is high quality artificial grass made with fibers designed to resemble natural grass. Royal Grass basic is only produced with one single coloured fibre instead of two and the numbers of fibers per square metre is lower. But thanks to the tip curle of the fibre, Royal Grass Basic has a full and well covering effect like that of a thick natural lawn. (Royal Grass® Classic combines two colors of fibers in the artificial grass lawn had has more fibers per square meter.)

You can install Royal Grass® Basic yourself. However, we advise you to have installation of any type of Royal Grass® by one of our highly trained professional in order to obtain the best result.

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