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Friday, 9 May 2008

Royal Grass Product range - Royal Grass Exclusive

When you see this top quality grass you'll not believe it's synthetic.

Royal Grass® Exclusive is the ultimate in artificial Grass - It is a luxury artificial turf made with fibres designed to resemble natural grass.

Royal Grass Exclusive has unique
V shaped grass blades which stands up
straight and give a high natural appearance.

The high quality fibres it uses are made of an extra soft material and it is manufactured with new colour combinations of 8 fibres per bundle: 6 in lime green in the above V-shape and 2 in field green in a rectangle shape giving it a heavier construction of more fibres per square metre. The expected lifetime of Royal Grass® is 10 - 15 years and needs to be installed by our team of experienced landscapers.

Royal Grass Exclusive is available in two tones - Light and Dark.

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