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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Install Royal Grass artificial turf and start enjoying your beautiful garden.

A beautiful garden all year round with no water or maintenance

Garden Solutions Costa Del Sol supplies Royal Grass the world leader in artificial turf to our new client at the Don Carlos Urbanization in Benalmadena, Malaga. The new lawn is 90 m2 of Royal Grass exclusive and we started the job on Friday.

16.5 tonnes of sand being hoisted up to the garden

After clearing the garden we filled in with quartz sand

6 steps to garden happiness.

Stage 1. Clearing the garden of grass, shrubs and weeds then filling in with 10cm per m2 of quartz sand, this doesn't sound so much, but for this 90 m2 lawn we needed 16.5 tonnes. This is stomped with our stomping machine to provide a level and firm base and excellent drainage for the royal grass.

Stage 2. Anti weed matting is laid over the sand and trimmed to fit.

10cms of Quartz sand provides excellent drainage for the Royal Grass

Stage 3. Royal Grass is cut to size and laid on top of the anti weed matting.

Glueing two pieces of Royal Grass together

Stage 4. The edges between the Royal Grass sections are joined practically seamlessly using Royal Grass glue paper and Royal Grass glue, then trimmed.

Stage 5. We use 12.5 kg per square meter of river washed sand that has no sharp edges and 5 kg per square meter of black ceramic sand which is layed on top of the royal grass, this keeps the royal grass firmly in place and also gives a very realistic feel and look to the lawn.

River sand then black ceramic sand are added on top of Royal Grass

Stage 6. Final trimming round plant borders and edges and a cold beer, your ready to enjoy your beautiful garden.

When we say go green with Royal Grass we really mean it... Royal grass artificial turf actually helps the environment as it does not need any water, pesticides, fertilizing or mowing. That makes a great difference especially if you live in the sunnier climes of Malaga in Southern Spain.

The fantastic climate that we enjoy in the Costa del Sol makes the garden one of the most important living spaces in your home, and many people love to eat and relax in their gardens.
Now you can have a beautiful looking green lawn all year round with no watering or sprinklers, work or maintenance.

Royal Grass is installed by our team of Landscape Gardner's and we can also help you with garden design if your looking for a complete makeover as well as a new lawn.

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