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Friday, 27 March 2009

Royal Grass Golf now for your garden

Royal Grass Golf for professional and now home and garden use!

Now is a great time to start making the most of your outdoor spaces and for many of our clients Royal Grass Golf is going to make alot of sense. Just imagine being able to put or even chip in on a well prepared and maintenance free putting range in your own back garden.

Royal Grass Golf - The Green filled with quartz sand - your garden green?

If you would like to transform your outdoor spaces making them accessible, useful and saving water then why not contact us for a chat about what the new range of Royal Grass Golf artificial turf can do for your garden.

The Royal Grass Golf artificial grass will retain its rich colour year after year. The high-quality TenCate synthetic grass fibres are extensively tested for UV-resistance and protection against discolouration under extreme circumstances. In the Netherlands,and Spain we provide our artificial grass with a 10-year warranty on colour fastness. And there’s nothing you need to do for this.

Fringe unfilled - the new Golf Range from Royal Grass

Nature inspired us when we developed Royal Grass Golf artificial grass. The synthetic grass blades have a firm core, which ensures an upright stance of the fibre. The golf sport demands specific qualities of its synthetic green. Whether the golfing games are short or long, Royal Grass Golf has the optimum artificial grass for each type of golf green.
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